You… have a desire for a great production of your music. I can help you.

Plan A: Get that song out there

You are a singer / songwriter with your own original songs, or cover singer, and would like to get good quality versions of them up on the web (soundcloud, youtube etc) for promotional purposes and to give your fans something to listen in-between your live shows. I can help you by recording and mixing these in my home based studio. I would be able to accommodate acoustic guitars and 1 to 2 singers, with some overdubbing.

Cost: R1800 per song

Plan B: GIve that song a lift

You are the singer/ songwriter now ready to take it up a level and record in a bigger studio (with a bigger room, more gear etc). I would then mix these songs in my studio. With this option you can consider selling your songs online. I can accommodate acoustic guitars, keyboards and vocals. If you want more instruments then please see option C below.

Cost: R2600 per song (it includes two hours in the bigger studio)

Plan C: Its a little more complicated

You are a full band, or a singer / songwriter, solo singer etc wanting a fully produced sound. And of course there is a Plan C option for you. But as the details of the project are important to the pricing then rather contact me directly to discuss.